The modern day higher education emphasizes more than mere class room teaching. The new generation educationists try to solve complex problems by using the advancement in science and technology. Therefore, it is mandatory that higher education institutions should develop an environment conducive for not only traditional compartmentalized research but also interdisciplinary approach.
V.H.N.Senthikumara Nadar College (Autonomous) develops a culture of involving faculty from various disciplines in active research. The major obstacle encountered by the faculty members of affiliated colleges is that the research work is not included in their regular work load. Teachers struggle to concentrate on intense research apart from their regular class room teaching. The teachers carry out their research projects by spending extra time in the campus as an additional work. The teachers contribute their entire might in pursuing meaningful research challenging the geographical disadvantage of being in a rural area, with rural student base and the absence of any reputed research institution in the near vicinity. Even in these conditions the contribution on research by our teachers is praise worthy that really needs an accolade.


  • To foster a conducive environment to research activities
  • To ensure publications in quality journals, indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and/or with impact factor
  • To look beyond the existing disciplines and generate new knowledge by integrating the related disciplines.
  • To evolve a collective methodology by applying the concepts in various disciplines.
  • To collate the synergic outcome of interdisciplinary approach.
  • To make the research more application oriented than a mere academic exercise.
  • To establish a vibrant colloquium in all fields of research.
  • To motivate the researchers to become a true lifelong learner and a team player through multidisciplinary research.

Research Promotion Policy

  • The college has instituted a Research Committee, comprising The Principal, Dean - Research and faculty members.
  • The role of the research committee is to develop, monitor and review policies relating to research activities of the college. It will also maintain and develop the college infrastructure supporting the development of research.
  • A senior faculty member with rich research experience is nominated as the Dean-Research for promoting research.
  • The faculty members who earn Doctoral degrees and who guide and produce Doctorates are honored by the management by prizes and cash awards every year.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to publish research articles in indexed, peer reviewed journals only and those who publish articles in journals and books are also be encouraged with prizes and cash awards annually to motivate them to achieve more in the field of research.
  • A multi disciplinary research journal is being published by the college for the researchers to publish their findings.
  • The research scholars are encouraged to undertake national level eligibility examinations for research scholarships and in addition the college management also provides monthly research fellowships for the full time research scholars.
  • The college do encourage and facilitate the students and staff to attend the conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and guest lecture within and outside of the country.
  • The college do encourage each department to organize International and national level seminars, conferences and workshops every year.
  • The college provides partial financial support to the faculty members who participate and present research articles in International conferences / seminars in abroad.
  • The researchers are insisted to make every effort to make sure research is peer reviewed prior to it being published, publicized or disseminated
  • In order to avoid ethical violations in research and to prevent malpractices like plagiarism, the research guides and research scholars should ensure to avoid plagiarism, piracy and dishonesty in reporting research results



With a view to integrate the learning and research into the main stream society, the institution is always eager to offer its expertise to the public in the form of consultancy services.

Policy of consultancy

  • The institution has a lot of expertise in diverse fields so that the college is keen on offering consultancy services to various industries and society.
  • The policy of the institution on structured consultancy is to encourage staff participation in consultancies which will benefit the society.
  • Staff members are permitted to undertake private and college based consultancies.
  • The faculty or staff must ensure that the consultancy work does not create a conflict of interest with the role of the faculty in the college.
  • The organization requiring consultancy services from faculty or the department shall write to the principal indicating the expertise required.
  • The Principal on receiving the request from the organization shall inform it to the department concerned.
  • The Head of the department shall nominate the faculty or a group of faculty having the required expertise and shall get prior permission from the principal for offering consultancy services.
  • In considering whether to grant permission or not for the consulting activity, the Principal shall take into account such factors as the compatibility of the activity with the responsibilities and commitments of the faculty member(s), potential conflicts of interest and the use of institution resources.
  • Publication arising from consultancy work shall include the faculty of the college and acknowledge the facilities used in the college.
  • Consultancy work shall bring financial benefits both to the institution and its employees.
In view of encouragement, the management has decided to share the revenue generated out of consultancy services to the faculty or group of faculty as follows:
S.No. Particulars Faculty Institute
1. Consultancy services from faculty or the department by use of institute space and or equipment 20% 80%
2. For providing solutions/expertise to problems of the industry 25% 75%


V.H.N.Senthikumara Nadar College (Autonomous), Virudhunagar is committed to promote and maintain high standards and accountability in research. We are keen on establishing and sustaining a culture of integrity and transparency in research. Ethics and genuineness are the significant components in research and publication. The institute takes every measure to promote the research by encouraging publishing research articles and preventing any misconduct including plagiarism. The institute takes efforts to ensure that the research work is on par with the International standards. The researchers are made responsible for the authenticity of their research work. The institution deprecates and discourages the violation of code of ethics and the copyrights act. The researchers are advised to look in to carefully to the following research related issues such as Conflict of Interest, Disputes about authorship, Duplicate Submission and fabrication or misrepresentation of data or results.
In order to avoid Ethical violations in research and to prevent malpractices like Plagiarism, the Research Guides and Research Scholars are requested,
  • To conduct all research activities in accordance with the accepted high standards.
  • To ensure the precision of all data that have been collected and /or used in the research work.
  • To make sure that only the accurate data, information and research results are reported.
  • To cite every source of information correctly.
  • To properly acknowledge and give due credit to the funding source.
  • To follow strictly norms regarding bioethics and bio safety.
  • To avoid plagiarism, piracy and dishonesty in reporting research results.